About Braysh Gaming

About Braysh Gaming - UK Pokemon YouTuber | Braysh Gaming

So, what do we do at Braysh Gaming?

Braysh Gaming is a brand build around the Pokémon TCG. A place for content and interaction with like-minded people focusing on Japanese Pokémon Cards.

I am always on the look out for the latest Pokémon packs, events, and inspiration for my YouTube channel.

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UK Pokemon YouTuber

We’re all about the latest Japanese Pokémon cards, so you will find the latest news, Japanese pack openings, PSA returns and even the odd trip to Japan right here.

Fancy a chat about the Pokémon TCG world? Hit me up on Twitter.

Meet the team

Here at Braysh Gaming, I would like to say that this is a one man job, but that would be a lie. Meet my team here, I think you may fall a little bit in love with my co-worker…

Founder | UK Pokemon videos | Braysh GamingBraysh Gaming


Braysh is a 27-year-old human male. He has been collecting Pokémon since 1999.

Rudy the pug | UK Pokemon videos | Braysh Gaming


Vice President

Rudy is a three-year-old pug. Founder of #PugPulls. His favourite Pokemon is Rockruff – for obvious reasons. 

What we do

Here at Braysh Gaming, we like to keep up with the latest Pokémon news. You can check out pack openings and so much more here.