Mitsuhiro Arita Interview: The Man Behind The Art

Mitsuhiro Arita Interview main image

Mitsuhiro Arita Interview: The Man Behind The Art


Introducing our one on one Mitsuhiro Arita interview during his event at Hyper Japan, London on Saturday 13th July. Attending the event as press, we were very lucky to be given the opportunity to be part of a group interview for legendary artist Arita-san. As things transpired, we were luckier than we thought.
We had planned to attend the group interview and film proceedings for Braysh Gaming, but as it turned out, we were the only attendees for the interview! Whilst this caught us off guard by quite a bit, it was a unique experience where we were able to have a one on one chat and discover the man behind the art.
This isn’t the first time we’ve discussed the art of Mitsuhiro Arita, as you may remember a recent article on how the new Tag Team GX cards has saved the art of the Sun and Moon era.

From the mind of Mitsuhiro

In this exclusive interview you can expect to hear about things such as Arita-san’s early influences, how he challenges himself every day, and some priceless advice for upcoming artists. A true modern day inspiration, we hope you enjoy the video:

The art of Arita-san

What did you think to the Mitsuhiro Arita interview? We certainly learnt a lot of new things about such a well renowned artist. During the interview, you would noticed that Arita-san was very generous in showing us some images from his personal sketchbook! Please take a closer look at the images below:

Image from Mitsuhiro Arita's sketchbook 1

Image from Mitsuhiro Arita's sketchbook 2
















Image from Mitsuhiro Arita's sketchbook 3

Image from Mitsuhiro Arita's sketchbook 4





A special thank you to Adam Turner and Crystal Turner for carrying out such a brilliant interview at the last minute. Adam is a keen collector with an impressive collection of Pokemon cards, and Crystal is a very talented graphic designer with her own Etsy shop! Please look for them both on Twitter here too:

Adam: @_teammagma

Crystal: @Crystal_Designs


An incredible experience, I think you will agree! You can also check out Mitsuhiro Arita’s personal website here:

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