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Pokemon Center Kyoto tour:

We visited the Pokemon Center Kyoto in Japan, towards the end of April 2017 as part of my second ten day holiday to the country.

The entire visit to Kyoto was truly amazing, it is a beautiful city and I would highly recommend taking some time to travel across Japan. On this venture, Kyoto was our first stop, followed by the vibrant cities of Nara, Tokyo and Osaka.

This is a very special video as it was taken and uploaded on the same day. The Pokemon Center Kyoto was also celebrating their one year anniversary, so there was lots of cool merchandise available and lots of happy faces to be seen – there always is to be fair.

You will find the Kyoto Pokemon Center on the fifth floor of the Takashimaya department store. Once inside, prepare to be greeted by an array of plushies, cards, games, figures, stationery, homeware, accessories, as well as a menagerie of capsule toy machines – and everything in between. 

Tour the best Pokemon Center in Japan:

You will also find a selection of arcade machines in store to test your Pokemon battling skills. However, we must warn you, good luck managing to play these infernal things if your Japanese is in any way lacking – slightly ashamed to admit that this is the case with myself.

A cool thing about the Pokemon Center stores is that with each purchase you always seem to receive a gift. I seem to have adopted more Bewear promo cards than I care to imagine, you also get a host of posters and stickers. For those buying their packs in bulk, you tend to also receive further exclusive promo cards – including a host of impressive and exclusive full art cards. 

Come take a video tour with me of the Pokemon Center Kyoto and see what it is like for yourself! This place is truly incredible and I have been desperate to go to a Pokemon Center for pretty much most of my life.

Planning a trip to the Pokemon Center in Kyoto? Please do send any questions you may have to us via our contact page. See what the well-deserved hype is about and what we discovered in store here:

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